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About Stone Barn Research

Experience. Passion. Dedication.

Paul Campbell-Trimbur, owner and chief researcher, leads all projects and personally ensures the integrity of our research.

Paul is a retired U.S. Postal Inspector. During his tenure as a federal law enforcement agent, he researched and conducted investigations on such topics as mail fraud, bombs, anthrax and narcotics. He also worked with the FBI, ATF and DEA. As a public information officer, Paul appeared on America’s Most Wanted and the national broadcast of the CBS Morning News.

Always intrigued by his own heritage, Paul began genealogical research about his immediate family. It quickly became clear that he had a passion for the subject and began doing research for extended family members and friends. 

After purchasing a 1700s barn that was converted into a home in the 1970s, Paul branched out into house histories. 

Whether discovering long lost relatives or finding clues to a home's past, Stone Barn Research would love to help you find your story.

Memberships include:

Association of Professional Genealogists

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Genealogy Society of Pennsylvania

Chester County (PA) Historical Society

New England Historical Genealogy Society

Buck's County (PA) Genealogical Society

Lycoming County (PA) Genealogical Society

Western Pennsylvania Genealogy Society

Main Line (PA) Genealogy Society

Polish Genealogical Society of New York State

Polish Genealogical Society of America

Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society

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Paul identified my biological grandfather by using a combination of my DNA test results and research. He was then able to trace that line back to 15th century Lancashire, England, Bayern, Germany and even a Knight who died in battle in the Netherlands.

Nancy A.--Armenian, Greek, English, Scottish, German, Dutch

Paul discovered my two-times great-grandparents were born in Montgomershire, Wales. I never knew I had ancestors that were born in Wales, I really found that fascinating!

Judy K.--German, Prussian, English, Welsh

Paul was able to trace the ownership of my home and property back to the 1700s. He even found records showing what kind of crops were grown on my property!

Michael C.

I was amazed when Paul showed me photos of the street and house where my father was born in Fara San Martino, Italy in 1880.

Nick V.--Italian

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